Sunday, July 16, 2006

Israel Latest

Hezbollah hits Afula. (Haaretz)

A barrage of Katyusha rockets fired by Hezbollah militants in Lebanon late Sunday landed in the lower Galilee's Jezreel Valley for the first time. (Click here for map)
Rockets landed in the city of Afula and the surrounding communities of Upper Nazareth, Migdal Ha'emek and Givat Ela at 11 P.M. At 50 kilometers inland from the northern border, this was the longest range rocket to hit Israel. There were no reports of injuries.
The Shi'ite guerilla group Hezbollah still has at its disposal a significant arsenal "of very many rockets of all kinds," Israel Air Force Commander Major General Elyezer Shkedy told reporters at a news briefing on Sunday.

Israel bombs Hamas office in Gaza. (Haaretz)

Israel strikes missile launcher used to attack Haifa. (Ynet)


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