Saturday, July 15, 2006

Israel Latest

Memri TV: Film of Hamas preparing tunnels, terrorists getting ready for war.

Hezbollah hits Israeli naval ship, four killed. Hezbollah accitdently hits Egyptian civilian ship.

Update: Missile was Iranian made.

"We can confirm that it was hit by an Iranian-made missile launched by Hezbollah. We see this as very profound fingerprint of Iranian involvement in Hezbollah," Nehushtan said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Bush blames Hezbollah, Ynet reports:

‘Best way to stop the violence is to understand why it occurred in the first place - and that's because Hizbullah has been launching rocket attacks out of Lebanon into Israel.’

Hebollah leaders leaving south Beirut.

Gaza: Hamas Finance Ministry bombed, Hamas member killed in separate incident.

Lebanese police say fifteen killed in Israeli missile strike on van, south Lebanon. Lebanon: death total so far is seventy, mostly civilians.

Syria offers support to Hezbollah, Ynet reports:

"The Syrian people are ready to extend full support to the Lebanese people and their heroic resistance to remain steadfast and confront the barbaric Israeli aggression and its crimes," said a communique from the party's national command issued after a meeting.

Israel gives Syria 72 hour ultimatum to stop Hezbollah attacks. (Ynet)


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