Sunday, July 16, 2006

Israel Latest

IDF continues operations in Gaza overnight. (IDF)

Syria threatens Israel with retaliation if attacked. (Haaretz)

"Any aggression against Syria will be met with a firm and direct response whose timing and methods are unlimited," Syria's official news agency quoted Information Minister Mohsen Bilal as saying.

Hezbollah rocket attack on Israel Railway Depot in Haifa, nine killed. (Haaretz)

Mofaz: rocket was Syrian made. (Jpost)

More rockets hit Israel. (Jpost)

Home Front Command calls on Tel Aviv residents to be ready for possible attack. (YNet)

Israel hits south Beirut. (Ynet)

Olmert statement. (Ynet)

Olmert said: "This is a difficult morning for us all. The severe attacks in Haifa join the lethal attacks in other areas of the country. This is the criminal war of Hizbullah against the nation and its residents. We have no intention of bending to these threats. They will fail. There is no time limit. Our cause is just. Every nation in the world would respond like us."


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