Friday, July 14, 2006

Ze'ev Schiff's advice for Israel
During a major crisis in Turkey, former president Turgut Ozal said something very wise: "The only thing that should not be done during a time of crisis is to return at the end of the crisis to the status quo, to the previous situation." Israel will have to take this under advisement after fighting on both front ends.
Under no circumstances should Israel return to the situation that existed before the fighting. That is to say, Hezbollah must not be allowed to return close to the northern locales, and Hamas, or any other Palestinian organization, must not be allowed to continue to bombard Sderot and other locales, and harm soldiers within Israeli territory. The aim of the operations Israel is conducting is not only to free the captives or to punish, but also to prevent future kidnappings and bombardments.
Israel's answer cannot be reoccupying territories in the Gaza Strip. From the military perspective, there apparently is no alternative to the simple method: for every Qassam rocket that hits an Israeli locale, an artillery barrage should be fired at a Palestinian locale - not into empty areas. This is a basic rule in war. Moreover, Israel has tried all other alternatives.


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